Message From the Chair

Chief Jeremy Fourhorns

Preserving Our Heritage by Strengthening Our Future

The Piapot First Nation people have lived in this region from time immemorial. We are honouring the hard working, self-supporting lifestyle of our ancestors by establishing our own development corporation.

With the humble beginnings of ‘Cree Land Mini Mart’, a successful gas and convenience store in Regina Saskatchewan, operated on our own urban-reserve land we have been working to further expand our economic initiatives. I proudly introduce Piapot Development Corp. that has been established to manage our business investments and to assist in creating a healthier, more prosperous, and sustainable future for our people through employment opportunities, employment training, and financial returns to the community.

Piapot also holds some 30,000 acres of off-reserve land with additional Treaty Land Entitlement capacity. We invite business partners to maximize returns on these lands and other partnership opportunities that are a good match for a sustainable business venture.

With the combined experience of our management, professional business people and community leaders on our Piapot Development Corp. Board of Directors we are excited about what the future holds and our ability to capture them as they come available.