Who We Are

Piapot Economic Development Corp. is a Corporation wholly owned by the Piapot First Nation that is well positioned for further economic growth, building on the success of Cree Land Mini Mart, a convenience store and gas station located on Piapot Urban Reserve Land in Regina.

We are committed to building new partnerships with the private sector to capitalize on opportunities that contribute to the overall economic success of our nation and the people that we employ. Our interests are diversified and we have the capacity to be active and contributing partners where there is mutual benefit.


Our Vision is making a strong contribution to a diverse and ‘vibrant community economy’ creating prosperity and opportunities.

Vibrant Economies: Vibrant economies contribute to the health and well-being of people and communities by providing economic security and access to opportunities. This includes access to education and living wage employment, affordable housing, healthy food, and the kinds of services and amenities that promote strong and healthy families and vibrant and sustainable communities.


The mission of Piapot Development Corp. is to develop sustainable business ventures that provide career employment opportunities for its members fostering economic independence within the community and beyond.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles help inform our decision making.

Business Partners

  • Select partners who will respect, honour, and share our guiding principles.

Safety, Health and Environment First

  • Never to compromise on the health and safety of our customers and our people, and to manage responsibly the impact that our business has on the environment.

Developing our People and Valuing Diversity

  • To recognize the diversity and contribution of our people. We create a work environment that is challenging and provides the opportunities and support for everyone to develop, learn and succeed.

Delivering for Clients and Consumers

  • To earn the continued loyalty of our customers by consistently demonstrating why we are the first choice for quality, service, value, and innovation.

Profitable Growth

  • To deliver shareholder value through disciplined, sustainable growth, underpinned by strong governance, that contributes to and leverages the benefits our Development Corporation.

Constant Focus on Performance and Efficiency

  • To deliver the safest and highest quality and performance, whilst relentlessly driving to be the lowest cost, most efficient provider.


The Values that Piapot Development Corp. will embrace and convey are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Commitment

Historical Background – Chief Piapot

Piapot (Payepwat) was born to a Cree mother and an Assiniboine father in 1816; shortly after his birth his parents died of smallpox. When he was a small boy, he and his grandmother were abandoned after the smallpox epidemic.  He was found by a band of Sioux, with whom he lived for the next fourteen years until he was rescued by a Cree war party in 1830. Piapot became chief, in about 1846. He would lead his people in the last major inter-tribal engagement between the Cree and the Blackfoot on the Oldman River in 1870. After this last battle Piapot made his home in the Qu’Appelle Valley.

In 1874, when Treaty 4 was negotiated, Piapot was not present: he was away hunting, and as a result did not learn of the negotiation until after it had been signed. In 1875 he met with Treaty Commissioner William Christie, and after seeking guarantees that he would receive farm instructors, mills, more tools, and medical assistance, he signed an adhesion to Treaty 4. However, many of the terms Piapot believed he had negotiated would not appear until Treaty 6 in 1876.

Piapot was part of a group of chiefs who wanted a large reservation surveyed for them in the Cypress Hills area. Canada, however, feared the concentration of a large Indian population in one area, and refused. As a result, Piapot was eventually forced to select a home in the Qu’Appelle Valley, where a reserve of fifty- four square miles was surveyed—well short of the 110 square miles his band was entitled to under the Treaty. Throughout the rest of his life Piapot continually challenged the Canadian government by holding ceremonies and by fighting to have Treaty rights recognized.

Chief Piapot (Payepot) signed an adhesion to Treaty 4 on September 9, 1875, originally seeking a reserve in the Cypress Hills region. After much persuasion he reluctantly moved to what was to be his original reserve (which is now known as Carry the Kettle) in August of 1883. After a disastrous winter in which 1/3 of his people died, it confirmed his reluctance to live there and he abandoned that reserve. In September 1884 he moved to an area 29 km north and 11 km east of Regina where Piapot First Nation is today. Officials deposed Piapot following an unlawfully held Sun Dance; but on the day that the Order-in-Council to depose him was passed, he died on his reserve in 1908. He died after he asserted his autonomy and demonstrated he would not be controlled.